The way of living: Being happy and healthy at an old age

The way of living: Being happy and healthy at an old age

Some Things that Keep Older Adults Happy:

Exercise and physical well-being is a great place way to start. Exercising lifts your spirit and energy levels making you feel better. This is because your body releases feel-good hormones known as endorphins. Athletes refer to this feeling as the runner’s high.

Exercise also helps relieve chronic pain from conditions like arthritis and pinched nerves. It helps us maintain weight; therefore, preventing us from developing diseases such as obesity and diabetes, improves our metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and strengthens our immune system.

What’s on your plate?
Eating a nutritious diet can be compared to physical activity in their importance to health according to a pyramid created for seniors by Tuft University researchers. Although your body is experiencing some changes, meal times can still be fun.

Eat with a friend or family member to avoid feeling lonely and to catch up. Also, make an effort to ensure your food is tasty and well presented to trigger your senses and improve your appetite.

Plan For Your Retirement
Many of us can expect to live until 80; therefore, we need to fill up the next 15 years of our lives with activities. Now that you are no longer employed think about what direction you would like to take next.

It could be charity work, travel, or learning something new at the university. It is also important to start saving early for your retirement when you are younger so that you are better prepared financially.

Have A Sense Of Purpose And Stay Connected
Research has shown that a strong sense of purpose for seniors had a protective effect. People who stayed in touch with family and friends stayed healthy in their old age. A study on centenarians showed they held on to a definite purpose in their lives through taking care of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and volunteering.

Take Care Of Your Appearance
Just because you are advancing in years should not mean that you can’t do it in style. When you look good, you feel even better. Wear sunscreen when you go out into the sun to protect your skin, use retinoid creams on your face, drink plenty of water and indulge in a little makeup if you like that sort of thing.

A great haircut can transform your face or even changing your hair color. A dark hair color makes your features look severe while a lighter skin tone softens them.

If you have wine or coffee stained teeth, you can have them whitened in a short and simple procedure. Looking good will make you feel confident and fuel your purpose.

Laugh. A Lot
Laughing lowers the stress hormone cortisol. According to a study conducted in 2014, 20 minutes spent watching funny videos helped improve the memory in seniors. Some research also shows a link between happiness and lower risk of heart illness. So, laugh as much as you can because laughter really is the best medicine.